The Famine Relief Committee (VKPG) in 1921

Communist cell

Name Official Position Title in VKPG
Lev Kamenev President of Moscow Soviet Honorary President
Leonid Krasin Commissar of External Trade
Maxim Litvinov Deputy Commissar of Foreign Affairs
Anton Lunacharsky Commissar of Education & Culture (Narkompros)
Alexei Rykov Vice President of the Soviet of Labour and Defense Vice-President
Nikolai Semashko Commissar of Public Health
Alexander Smirnov Member of Collegium of Commissariat for Food
Alexander Svidersky Member of Collegium for the Commissariat for Workers and Peasants Inspection
Ivan Teodorovich Commissar of Agriculture
Alexander Shliapnikov Chairman of VTsIK Metalworkers’ Union, Member of Presidium of Supreme Economic Council

“Bourgeois Cell” – initial 53 members

Name Occupation/ Affiliation Position and Fate if known
Avsarkisov Exiled
Biriukov P.I. Tolstoyan Exiled
Bulgakov V.F. Conservator of the Tolstoy Museum Exiled
Velikhov P Professor Exiled
Gorky, Maxim Soviet writer, Bolshevik Not arrested
Golovin, Prince, F.A. Former President of 2nd and 3rd Duma Exiled
Gurevich, Emmanual Levovich Exiled
Djivelegov, A. K. Professor Exiled
Diatrontov Professor Exiled
Dovarenko, A.G. Professor, Agronomist in Cooperatives, Statistician Exiled
Emshanov Exiled
Zaitsev, Boris K. Writer Exiled
Karpinsky, Aleksandr Petrovich (11606-1936) President of the Academy of Sciences, geologist Stayed in Russia
Kishkin, Nikolai Mikhailovich Member of Kadet party central committee, Doctor physiotherapist, leader of Zemgor Head of Administrative Branch of VKPG; received death sentence; exiled
Klassen Exiled
Konidratiev, N.D. Professor of Economy Exiled
Korobov, Dmitri Stepanovich One of the leaders of VKPG; received death sentence; repressed in Russia
Kurnakov, Nikolai Semyonovich (1860-1941) Academician at A of S, Chemist, Lenin Prize 1928, Stalin Prize 1941, Stayed in Russia
Kuskova, Ekaterina Dmitrievna Agronomist, Journalist, Kadet A leader of VKPG; received death sentence; exiled
Kutler, N.N. Tsarist minister of the interior 1905-06 Exiled
Kukhovarenko Exiled
Levitsky Exiled
Levitsky, V.A. Medic Exiled
Marr, Nikolai Yakolevich (1864-1934) President of Academy of Material Culture; Orientalist, Linquist and Archeologist Stayed in Russia
Matveyev Exiled
Nolde Exiled
Oldenburg, Sergei. F. Academician Exiled
Paufler Exiled
Prokopovich, Sergei, Nikolaevich Economist, Professor, 1st Minister of the Prov Govt, Kadet Leader of VKPG; received death sentence; exiled
Rodionov, Nikolai Sergeevich Exiled
Rozanov Professor Exiled
Rubnikov Professor, Agronomist; Cooperatives Exiled
Sadyrin, P.A. President of the Direction of Agricultural Cooperatives Not arrested
Sabashnikov, Mikhail, Vasilevich
Salamatov, Petr Timofeevich Arrested in home of Cooperatives and employees of the society of rural peasants: not at VKPG meeting 27/08/21
Stanislavsky, Konstantin, Sergeevich (1863-1938) Actor and Director, became people’s artist of USSR Stayed in Russia
Steklov, Vladimir Andreevich (1863-1926) Vice- President of Academy of Sciences till 1926, Mathemtician Stayed in Russia
Tarasevich, Lev Aleksandrovich Professor, Medic Released immediately after arrest
Tolstoya, Alexandra Levovna Daughter of Tolstoy, philanthropist Exiled
Ugrimov, A.I. President of Moscow Society of Agricuture
Fersman, Aleksandr Yevgenievich (1883-1945) Academic at A of S, noted minerologist and geochemist Stayed in Russia
Figner, Vera Nikolaevna (1852-1942) Revolutionary, populist Not arrested
Chaianov, A.V. Professor, Economist
Cherkasov, Ivan Alexeevich Leader of VKPG; received death sentence.
Shaposhnikov, Nikolai Nikolaievich
Sher, V. Menshevik
Shtshepkin, Mitrofan, Mitrofanovich Professor, Rector of the Zootechnic Institute Repressed in Russia
Yasinski, Vcelvolod Ivanovich Professor Emigrated
Yushin-Sumbatov, Aleksandr, Ivanovich Stage Adaptor Released immediately after arrest


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