The Bratstvo

The Bratstvo sviatoi Sofii — Братство Святой Софии — Brotherhood of Saint Sophia  (1918-1939)

“Yesterday, the 26th, the day of St. John the Evangelist, gathered together with A.V. Kartashev, P.I. Novgorodtsev, Struve, V.V. Zenkovsky BEZOBRAZOV S.S. and G. Florovsky, we decided to establish our Orthodox Brotherhood in the name of the Divine Sophia and recognize it by the constituent assembly (subject to the approval of Church authority). It falls to my lot to be the head of the fraternity. Bless the Lord, and let us guide itself the Divine Sophia, the Wisdom of God. It is strange to think the idea of such an accomplishment as human-created. This is a historical, worldview-changing event: the will of God. It is as if my house was over lit by an icon of Divine Sophia (Christmas gift) for this particular purpose and the light burns and shines again in my heart, which previously was closed off, non-conducting … “

Прот. Fr. Сергий Булгаков (Sergius Bulgakov) Дневниковая запись «Из памяти сердца» A diary entry “Out of memory of the heart” 27 сентября 1923 г. (Прага) September 27, 1923 (Prague)

SFI.RU – Братство Святой Софии

1 Afanasyev, H Joined in 1930
2 Arsenyev, Nikolai Sergyevich 1888-1977 Philosopher, Theologian, Joined in 1924
3 Berdyaev, Nikolai Alexandrovich (1874-1948) Existentialist and Spiritual Philosopher.
Legal Marxists, Vladimir Solovyov   Society, Free Academy of Spiritual Culture, Bratstvo
Vekhi, Problemy Idealizma, Iz Glubiny.
Editor of YMCA-Press, Put’
4 Bezobrazov, S.S. 1892-1965 Bishop Caspian; Continued from original after immigrating to   Belgrade. .
5 Bukshpan, Yakov Mikhailovich 1887-1939 Economist; Free Academy of Spiritual Culture Repressed within Russia, not exiled
6 Bulgakov, Sergei Nikolayevich (1871-1944) Orthodox Priest and Spiritual Philosopher.
Elected Head of the Bratstvo in 1924. Legal Marxists, Vladimir Solovyov   Society, Free Academy of Spiritual Culture. St. Sergius Theological Seminary   in Paris
Vekhi, Problemy Idealizma, Iz Glubiny.
7 Elchaninov, A. Joined in 1924
8 Fedotov, Georges Member of Novyi Grad. Joined later in the 1930s.
9 Florensky, Pavel A. (1882-1937) Orthodox Priest and Spiritual Philosopher;   Mathematician and Electrical Engineer; Inventor; Arrested in the 1922 wave   but repressed inside of Russia, not expelled.   Executed in 1937 by the NKVD (GPU/Cheka/KGB) during Stalin’s purges.
10 Florovsky, Georges 1893-1979 Priest, Joined in 1924 St. Sergius, Put’
11 Frank, Semen (1877-1950) Spiritual Philosopher.
Legal Marxists, Vladimir Solovyov   Society, Free Academy of Spiritual Culture, Bratstvo
Vekhi, Problemy idealizma, Iz Glubiny
12 Izgoev-Lande, Alexander Solomonovich (1872-1935) Spiritual Philosopher & Journalist.
Began as Marxist Sociologist; Bratstvo; Vladimir Solovyov Society
Vekhi, Problemy idealizma, Iz Glubiny
13 Karsavin, Lev, Platonovich (1882-1952) Philosopher and Historian.
Rector of University of St. Petersburg; Vladimir Solovyov Society; Vol’fila;   Bratstvo
14 Kartashev, Anton, V. (1875-1960) Russian Journalist and Professor of Church History; First Minister of   Religion under the Provisional Government.
Vladimir Solovyov Society; Member of Kadet Central Committee 1906-1918 and   one of Co-Founders of original Bratstvo 1918-1922
Problemy idealizma
15 Kistiakovsky, Bogdan (1868-1920) Legal Philosopher; Chair of Law at Kiev University;   Kadet.
Died before expulsions of 1922.
Vekhi, Problemy idealizma, Iz Glubiny
16 Kizevetter, Alexander Alexandrovich (1866-1933) Historian and Politician.
Cadet, deputy at 2nd Duma; Vladimir Solovyov Society; listed in Frank’s   correspondence as member of the Bratstvo
Moscow List
17 Lagovsky, I.A. Joined later
18 Lappo Ivan Ivanovich (1866-1924) Historian; Sociologist. One of   original members of the Bratstvo who continued in 1923. Problemy Idealizma
19 Lossky, Nikolai Onovreievich (1870-1965) Vladimir Solovyov Society, Vol’fila;
20 Novgorodtsev, Paul (1866-1924) Leading Jurist and Legal Philosopher.
Cofounder of Kadet Party, Vladimir Solovyov Society, Vol’fila, Bratstvo
Problemy idealizma
21 Ostroukhov Pavel Alexandrovich 1885-1965 Historian, economist and chairman of the Petrograd   Polytechnic Institute then professor at Charles University in Prague
22 Prince Trubetskoy, Sergei, Evgenievich (1890-1949) Historian, Philosopher; Vol’fila; Son of Evgeny
23 Prince Trubetskoy, Evgeny (1863-1920) Spiritual Philosopher with brother Sergei; Students   of Solovyov; Vladimir Solovyov Society, Bratstvo, Kadet Party founder. Problemy idealizma
24 Prince Trubetskoy, Gregory Nikolayevich (1873-1930) Later, introduced by Frank
25 Savitsky, Peter 1895-1968 Later left and went on to found the Eurasianist   movement
26 Solovyov, Alexander, Vasilyevich 1890-1971 Historian and Dean of the Sarajevo Law School in Serbia. Existing member of Bratstvo as of 1923
27 Sove, Boris 1900-1962 Joined later in the 1930s
28 Stepun, Feodor (1884-1965) Philosopher; Free Academy of Spiritual Cultural; Bratstvo
29 Struve, Peter (1871-1944) Legal Marxist became Kadet and Spiritual   Philosopher; Vladimir Solovyov Society, Vekhi, Problemy idealizma, Iz Glubiny
30 Vernadsky, George (1887-1973) Vladimir’s son; joined the Bratstvo in 1924 but barely participated   and soon expelled. Famous Professor of   Russian history and culture at American Universities RSCM
31 Vernadsky, Vladimir I (1863-1945) Spiritual Philosopher and Scientist. Colleague of   Teilhard de Chardin; Father of George Vernadsky Noosphere
32 Vysheslavtsev, Boris Petrovich (1877-1954) Spiritual Philosopher; Moscow group. Student of Paul Novgorodtsev and   recommended by Berdyaev. Joined the Bratstvo in1924. Vladimir Solovyov   Society, Free Academy of Spiritual Culture RSCM, Editor YMCA-Press; Put’
33 Weilde, Vladimir Joined the Bratstvo later in the 1930s
34 Yashenko, A.S. Printer for Vladimir Solovyov Society, editor of Novyi Put’
35 Zander, Lev 1893-1964 Joined in 1924 while living in Prague,   Czechoslovakia Secretary of the RSCM
36 Zenkovsky V.V. (1881-1962) Historian, Spiritual Philosopher.   Member of the Bratstvo and became its Secretary when reconvened in   1924 RCSM
37 Siskin, Mikhail Vasilyevich 1880-1960 Joined in 1924 while living in Sofia, Bulgaria. Historian


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