Peter Struve

PeterStruvePeter Struve (1870-1944) – Economist and political thinker, Struve was largely responsible for introducing so-called “Legal” Marxism and may be considered the actual founder of the Russian Social Democratic Party (Marxists) from which both the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks originated.

Like Berdyaev and Bulgakov, Struve came to find Marxism insufficient and helped found the Constitutional Democratic Party (Kadets).

After the Russian Revolutions of 1917, Struve became involved in the Red Army activities opposing the Red Bolsheviks and left the country, thus he was not swept up in the expulsions of 1922.

He remained part of the Bratstvo until it dissolved, but had little involvement in the YMCA initiatives, outreach with other European intellectuals, and minimal interaction with his former colleagues.

His grandson is now editor-in-chief of the YMCA Press.

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