Connections between Russian spiritual philosophy … French personalism … and Unity Consciousness!


P2CfaviconIt is amazing to see the Russian people reclaim the ideas, beliefs and worldviews elaborated by The 160 so many years ago.   Through perestroika, glasnost’, and vozvrashchenie (Return) official government change through the auspices of Mikhail Gorbachev, Alexander Yakovlev and their fellow co-conspirators inside the Communist Party combined with Dissidents’ grassroots call for transparency, free expression, and limited government — the end of State Capitalism and Totalitarian Dictatorship — has freed the “faceless collective” and shattered the concrete walls of outright oppression.

This doesn’t mean that today, all Russians, simply rush out to procure and read the vast legacy that The 160 and their predecessors created.  It simply means that they can do so!  And that makes all the difference.

When we hear Russia’s leaders or public personalities quote or reference something written so long ago by Berdyaev, or Ilyin, or Solovyov, or…  the background resonance is the pure clear sound of freedom.  To think, to choose, to hold different opinions, to be able to read those once-suppressed writings in their original form without the heavy veil of propaganda and censorship.

It’s also fascinating when we hear very similar ideas resurrected by people generations after the very diverse 160 lived.  There is an amazing synchronicity between many of the movements we see springing up all over the world today and the worldviews we are hearing expressed with more and more self-assurance… and those writings the YMCA helped to preserve almost 100 years ago.  Again, this doesn’t mean that people expressing these ideas today are directly influenced by any of The 160 (or even the French Personalists who carried on many of their ideas…) In fact, it’s highly likely that they have no idea who The 160 were and have never read any of their writings.  All it means is people today are looking around and seeing the opportunity to do things differently, live differently, interact with others differently and as they elaborate their ideas about these changes they are echoing some of the very same observations that certain Russians made over a century ago.  They are discovering some of the same understandings about what it means to be alive, to be a human being, that the French Personalists discovered for themselves during the interwar years.

As I explained in Revolution from Within, The 160 were an incredibly diverse set of people who defied categorization, be it on the basis of faith, politics, profession, or worldview.  The same is true with the growing voices we are hearing today who are speaking in such synergy with our exiles.  Some call themselves Lightworkers, Lightholders, Lightwarriors.  Some advocate New Age or native or pagan spiritual traditions, others ascribe to the more established faiths running the full spectrum of Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Taoist, and all the variegations and shades amid and between them. Some are self-proclaimed socialists or liberals others are anarchists and libertarians.  Many are very preoccupied with sustainable business and environmental practices and some have dropped out of “modern society” entirely.  Others are leaders of multi-million dollar corporations and initiatives.  Perhaps the one unifying theme that does seem to intertwine in most, if not all, such messages is: Unity. Conscious Awakening. Personal Responsibility. 

This blog will pull together a combination of my own original writings and repostings of other peoples excellent creations to note the apparent similarities between different Russian and French thinkers and those of today.  We’ll see Godmanhood in the light of I AM, and Sobornost’ in the light of Federalism and now Holocracy (opposing hierarchies).  Musings on the Control paradigm and its tension with the creative impulse.  And above all, works that celebrate the divine spark in all of us and vital role that each and every human, creature, entity play in this magical thing we call life.




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