*I AM* as explained in the Russian Spiritual Philosophical Tradition — Godmanhood

0_1030In the Russian circumstance, they drew their understanding largely from Socratic and Platonic idealism and from the early Christian Gnostics.  These ideas embody a dualist vision of life and a natural (not-man-made) hierarchy:

Matter manifests out of free creative expression (Logos); it is a shadow or abstraction of the spiritual Ideal.

Spirit is apriori; it exists before, after, and eternally in continuum with more ephemeral physical expressions such as matter.1    “…It is neither perceived nor is it perceptible.”

Viewing Christ to be a teacher, an example, and not some separate God to put on a pedestal, the Spiritual Philosophers thought that Godmanhood was possible for all human beings.

What the heck?  Are they saying that “human beings” are “Gods”? 


Jesus Christ is quoted as stating: “I am in the Father and the Father is in me and the Father is greater than I.” He wasn’t saying he was “better than God” [the Father is greater than I]. But he was indubitably saying that he was God, one and indivisible [“I am in the Father and the Father is in me”]. We are all one.  Same spirit, same energy, same impulse… manifested uniquely.

And this is not just humans.  Clearly it means all things physical from the lowliest ant to the most advanced cetaecean — our beloved dolphins and whales.  Varying degrees of awareness and consciousness, different purposes and functions, but all creations out of energy and that energy is at its essence… God.

The Russian Spiritual Philosophers in the 1840s straight through to the 1900s and the rise of Communism all believed that human beings could embody the “God-man” – Spirit manifested on Earth.  Through inner work integrating all facets of one’s being and connecting to the Source-of-all, any human then could approach enlightenment or Christ-consciousness:

“The first condition for the elevation of reason is that man should work to gather into one indivisible whole all his separate forces, which in his ordinary condition are in a state of incompleteness and contradiction…that he should constantly look for, in the depth of his soul, that inner root of understanding where all the separate forces combine into one living and whole vision of the mind. Such integrity elevates man’s very manner of thought and, while humbling his rational conceit, does not constrain the freedom of his natural reason.  Rather, inner consciousness strengthens his independence and at the same time willingly subordinates it to faith.” [ii]

Ivan Kireevsky (1806-1856), cited in Edie, Scanlan and Zeldin, eds., Russian Philosophy Vol. 1. University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville, 1976 267-268.

These ideas explicitly defined Spiritual Philosophy in Russia, but were by no means exclusive to that time or place.  John Mott, of the YMCA, counseled prayer for such inner work: “It is easy to magnify human personality and agencies. Prayer recognizes that God is the source of life and light and energy.”  He encouraged the personal mission of enlightenment: “Solemnized by the knowledge of the deep need and inspired by the vision of all things made new by the mighty Christ, resolve to give yourselves to encouraging a spiritual awakening.”

Emmanuel Mounier, founder of the French Personalist Movement (1905-1950) turned the famous words by the philosopher Descartes [“I think therefore I am” ] on their head stating unequivocally the correct statement should have been “I love therefore I am”.

Today, contributors to the Consciousness movement echo these sentiments:

Elizabeth Ayres Escher, “’Cracking the Egg’ via Higher Self” September 15, 2013

“I stopped trying to understand and began to follow my heart, learning to listen to intuitive nudges, reading books, listening to lectures and then finally listening within, to the silent voice that resides within each of us, the Christ Self. I discovered that each of us contains the seed of rejuvenation and peace; that we must look within and till our own garden before we can turn and help our neighbor. However, as our ability to hold the light and love within our body increases, it affects our perception of the world around us, as well as how others see us, too….

Some of the key concepts and threads you may be interested in as you explore your “Godmanhood” are:

  • The  Law of Attraction – We are 100% responsible for everything we experience during this life voyage.  We chose to come here. We revel in the contrast we experience here. We have our own internal guidance system that can lead us to the experiences we wanted to encounter, that give us joy, that help us expand, which we can listen to .. or not.  But irrevocably, like attracts like.  If we think of, focus consciously (or unconsciously) on the things we “don’t want to experience” we still experience more of them. If we instead align with those we desire and know will bring us joy, then ditto.  Follow your bliss.
  • The Akashic Records – Permanent record of everything that has occurred on Earth since the beginning of time.  Edgar Cayce apparently was able to tap into this channel hence the power of his prophecies and fortune telling.  All human beings can tap into their own soul records through meditation to see what their Blueprint for this life (and past) is and to understand what their destiny is.
  • Lightworkers (Lightkeepers, Lightwarriors, Wayshowers) –  Creating the Bridge to Earth between the Galactic Center or Cosmic Center & GAIA (Earth) to allow all human beings and creatures on earth to regain the *Light* and return to our true path as fully spiritual beings, not demonic “material, fabricated biological creations or “cyborgs”, “machine-man”.

As the Russian philosophers I followed, stated:

The people fail to understand us and hate us, but this is not the whole story.  Can it be that they do not understand us because we are more educated than they are, and hate us because we do no physical labour and live in luxury?  No, the main thing is that they do not regard us as human beings; to them we are man-like monsters, people without God in our souls”

Also referred to as “Indigos”, “Rainbow Children”, “Starseeds”, “Way-seekers”, “Old Souls” and many other names.  Legend has it that Light Workers were selected to be born on Earth at this time to help with Ascension.  Some say they are “Old Souls” who have lived many lives on Earth and are done with 3-D mentality and ready for a higher-mode of living/evolution; others say they are Galactic, off-world beings, who chose to reincarnate in this lifetime on Earth knowing that at some point in their lives their memories would be triggered and they could access the higher technologies and knowledge inherent in their Higher Selves.

Regardless, these people share several key attributes:

  • Innate sensitivity and awareness.  Mysticism or (negative side): poorly adjusted extreme are considered bi-polar, autistic, or suffering from other delusions
  • Great sense of self, glowing light. Charisma or (negative side) poorly adjusted extreme are shy and introverted
  • High intelligence with understanding of concepts that seem beyond current human capabilities (to extreme) may be psychics or able to perform bilocation, clairvoyance, telekinesis, telepathy, channel other beings.  Inventors.
  • Here to perform “awakening” and thus frequently seek most challenging lives and experiences to demonstrate the power of the divine spirit. In extreme can be martyrs or saints.

We know the Russians who elaborated the ideas of Godmanhood at the start of the 20th century would have felt right at home with the term “Old Souls,” and I wouldn’t be surprised if they delighted in the idea of “Starseeds!”  Names aside, what is common in all of these threads is the belief, innate appreciation, of the value, the uniqueness, the absolute essentiality of each and every one of us.

Namaste! [Thou art God]

[1] Advances in Quantum Physics make these distinctions of matter versus spirit quite interesting.  If we exchange “energy” with “spirit” and consider the new theories about particles coverting into waves, the uncertainty principles, and the current black hole and dark energy experiments undertaken with the Hadron Colliders.  “Locality says that particles interact at points in space-time. But suppose you want to inspect space-time very closely. Probing smaller and smaller distance scales requires ever higher energies, but at a certain scale, called the Planck length, the picture gets blurry: So much energy must be concentrated into such a small region that the energy collapses the region into a black hole, making it impossible to inspect. “There’s no way of measuring space and time separations once they are smaller than the Planck length,” said Arkani-Hamed. “So we imagine space-time is a continuous thing, but because it’s impossible to talk sharply about that thing, then that suggests it must not be fundamental — it must be emergent.”  Natalie Wolchover, “A Jewel in the Heart of Quantum Physics.” Theoretical Physics September 20, 2013.

[2] John Mott, “Prayer & The Evangelization of the World in this Generation”, Addresses and Papers of John R. Mott, Vol. 1 and “The Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions and A Spiritual Awakening in a University” Addresses & Papers of John R. Mott, Address delivered at The Federation Conference Eisenach, Germany, 1898. Edited & Abridged by David Smithers

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