Extended Bibliography of References

Selected Bibliography

A. Archives utilized for this book:

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At the time I was researching my doctoral dissertation, I was unable to obtain access to one particular source of primary information—Nikolai Berdyaev’s papers—due to a mysterious sequence of events. The Rossiiskii Gosudarstvennyi Arkhiv Literatury i Iskusstva (RGALI) has maintained Berdyaev’s pre-expulsion materials throughout the Soviet regime. At some relatively recent date, it also received a considerable amount of material, especially letters, from his émigré years. These are collected in Fond 1496; op. 1; 1007 ed.khr.; 1870-e-1954 gg.

The addition seemed very strange since I had found proof that his papers had been deposited and sealed for 50 years in the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris in 1959. (“To this she [Eugenie Rapp, Berdyaev’s surviving sister-in-law] replied that the material deposited now at the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris was sealed in closed packages and was to remain so for 50 years after which it became the property of the Bibliothèque Nationale…” Tamara Klepinine letter to Donald Lowrie, 3 Feb. 1959, PBA Papers, Box 5: 1.) However, Berdyaev’s heir, Eugenie Rapp, had made copies of excerpts from his notebooks and correspondence, which she considered to be “neutral” enough to be accessed by students; she clearly stated that she did not want the bulk of his archival materials to be used by students, and this was why she had them placed in a sealed repository. The copies were supposed to be made available to students at the Berdyaev Foundation in Paris but, upon my arrival at Clamart in 1995, I was repeatedly informed that no such copies existed. Moreover, the Bibliothèque Nationale denied any knowledge of the sealed archive. Later, from a long-time employee at the B.N. (who shall remain nameless), I learned that the Berdyaev collection had been removed by the former director of the library during the 1960s, and had never been returned. Its current whereabouts is unknown.

From this, I assumed that the materials in RGALI were the missing copies made by Rapp. This was confirmed in 1996 by a colleague of mine, Iaroslav Leont’ev, who managed to obtain brief access to the collection. I was denied entry. The authorities stated this was because another scholar was working on the material. Leont’ev sent me a brief overview of some of the material, which corroborated much of the information I have presented herein regarding Berdyaev’s relationships with French intellectuals. Therefore, somehow the copied material was returned to Russia. As of 2014, the fate remains a mystery.

For archival materials on the emigration as a whole, a good starting point is Sergei P. Postnikov, Politika, ideologiia, byt i uchenye trudy russkoi emigratsii, 1918-1945: bibliografiia iz kataloga biblioteki R.Z.I. & Arkhiva (New York: Norman Ross Pub., 1993). For collections outside of Russia, see: Carol A. Leadenham, comp., Guide to the Collections in the Hoover Institution Archives Relating to Imperial Russia, the Russian Revolutions and Civil War, and the First Emigration (Stanford, CA.: Hoover Institution Press, 1986); Russia in the Twentieth Century—The Catalog of the Bakhmeteff Archive of Russian and East European History and Culture (Boston: G.K. Hall, 1987); Steven A. Grant and John H. Brown, The Russian Empire and the Soviet Union – A Guide to Manuscripts and Archival Materials in the United States (Boston: G.K. Hall, 1981); Janet M. Hartley, Guide to Documents and Manuscripts in the United Kingdom Relating to Russia and the Soviet Union (London, New York: Mansell Publishing, 1987).

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  1. ii) Personages and Collectives

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