Creation vs. Control

Creation vs Control

by American Kabuki   January 10, 2015

It seems that life itself thrives on the knife edge of chaos, which is not randomness at all but structures of very complex energies and influences. Life thrives where choice and love thrives. We have a rich universe of life because of choice and a certain letting go of control by Source – yet Source is within each being as it makes its choices and we’ve seen in recent years Source exerting direct control through [the] embodiments [of] free will choices to bring the experiment in separation to a closure.

Kevin Kelly in his book out of control lists the ability to let go of control, as one of the defining characteristics of a God, because in doing so the truly unexpected creation happens.  So do some events that we may not like at an individual level.  And that experience generates in us a desire for control.

The duality upon earth has been phrased as DARK vs. LIGHT, yet what human is without either of those aspects?  A policeman kills a gun wielding murderer in his tracks, and protects a hundred others. Yet he killed a human just like the murderer.  Hard to judge things based on just acts, and even harder to judge the intent when you don’t know the heart.  Judging is a messy business all around as it assumes there is an “OTHER” that is separate. I was trained in logic. I love truth.  It’s clean and there’s no after-taste or blowback although it can sting like hell in the short term.  I have had people lie to me in the purest of intent.  Was that dark or light?  Tough call to make and not mine to judge. What I do know is that lies caused me more grief than the truth ever did. One person creates an elaborate illusion to protect the lives of their family, and it was believed. Was that dark or light? Tough call to make? I saw only love at work. Would I have done it that way? No. And the complications were enormous. But I have my own life and journey.  No judgment.

I had a blogger try to make the argument to me last summer that “sometimes you had to tell a lie for a higher good”.  I stopped carrying their blog posts. It didn’t set well with me.  My stomach knotted. Seen this before. The “higher good” is a judgment that says they know more what is “the higher good” than you do. If you feel I can’t handle the truth and must be managed and controlled as to what truth I get, I won’t carry your writing. Because to me its manipulation and judgment rolled into one. I am pretty simple that way.

In reviewing all this, it seems to me that the issue is really CONTROL vs CREATION.  Within the so called DARK and LIGHT realms is one constant, THE CONTROL OF HIERARCHY.  And even within the human realms of government religion and politics, what is the first thing to get defunded, axed, or attacked?  THE CREATIVE ARTS!  …It seems to me we’ve missed what’s really going on by the way we’ve framed it all… especially when we use the term LIGHT and DARK.    Great evils have been done in the name of saving people because what was really going on was an attempt to CONTROL OTHERS.   BUT THERE IS NO OTHER! THERE IS ONLY THE ONE!  SO WHAT IS THERE TO CONTROL? EXCEPT THE ONE THING WE DO HAVE CONTROL ON…OURSELVES?

And CREATION…PATENTS, COPYRIGHTS, LICENSING…END USER AGREEMENTS, ROYALTIES, every scheme imaginable to control every derivation of thought and creativity based any contact with prior creations.  CONTROL…EVERYWHERE CONTROL. Plant the “wrong” shrub in front of your condo or paint it a different color in a creative moment and the Homeowners Association gestapo will fine you, and if you don’t pay the fine they put a lien on your home and take it way! For what? So some simple minded control freaks can have their vanilla flavored world where everything looks like eggs neatly packaged in a carton.

Creation is messy, sensual, you have to wash your hands afterwards, get mud off your garden boots, and wash the paint brushes afterwards. Nothing neat and tidy about Creation – and there’s no explaining it – it gushes forth from the heart and onto the screen or into binary digits encoded in pulses of light. Some of the most creative people I have known have been computer programmers.  They are not like accountants, they are more like musicians. Many are musicians, poets and artists in their off hours. Those traits are very common among programmers.  And companies have found that when they let up on the controls of what hours they work, what they wear to work, and even where they work, they thrive, and are CREATIVE!    When CONTROL is abandoned, CREATIVITY THRIVES.

The problem with loss of innovation in America is due to the increasing levels of control being exerted.

The late remote viewer Ingo Swann wrote a series of three books on the subject of Power.  I bought two of the series years ago when he was still alive.  It wasn’t what I expected.   I thought of power in terms of the hard power of military might and police forces.  That’s mostly for show, to keep that in the back of the public mind-space.  The strongest power and control governments use is SOFT POWER, the power of ridicule, the power of abandonment, the power to make some things accepted knowledge and others either sequestered or politically incorrect. Subtle daily manipulations.  Humans at an individual level do the same things, mates with their spouses can be very conditional in the love they show and the same thing goes on in groups of friends.

CONTROL and the desire to CONTROL generates all kind of aberrations that go contrary to PURE LOVE and CREATION.   PURE LOVE ALLOWS… therefore with PURE LOVE comes CREATION.  Perhaps the question we wrestle with is not the one of LIGHT vs DARK, MALE vs FEMALE, or LOGIC vs INTUITION… all those aspects are within every human.   Perhaps the real issue is CONTROL vs CREATION, do we attempt to exert control on others or do [we] allow for CREATION?  If Source is operating within, is it not possible that even “the bad choices” (the ones you or I might not choose) be ultimately for some creative purpose or eventually directed that way by the ONE, which is ALL?    Read the full article here…

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