Connections between Russian spiritual philosophy … French personalism … and Unity Consciousness!


P2CfaviconIt is amazing to see the Russian people reclaim the ideas, beliefs and worldviews elaborated by The 160 so many years ago.   Through perestroika, glasnost’, and vozvrashchenie (Return) official government change through the auspices of Mikhail Gorbachev, Alexander Yakovlev and their fellow co-conspirators inside the Communist Party combined with Dissidents’ grassroots call for transparency, free expression, and limited government — the end of State Capitalism and Totalitarian Dictatorship — has freed the “faceless collective” and shattered the concrete walls of outright oppression.

This doesn’t mean that today, all Russians, simply rush out to procure and read the vast legacy that The 160 and their predecessors created.  It simply means that they can do so!  And that makes all the difference.

When we hear Russia’s leaders or public personalities quote or reference … Continue reading



As we transmute the 3-letter organizations who no longer serve us, we the people, globally… let’s take FCC.  Instead of Federal Communication Commission (which does not seem to serve the people’s interests and can’t seem to manage much) – how about this simple affirmation:


I was first introduced to this affirmation by the Russian spiritual and personalist philosopher, Nikolai Berdyaev. In his book, The Destiny of Man, Berdyaev analyzed the changing mood he saw affecting humanity during the interwar years between World War I and World War II… this was written in the midst of our last Great economic Depression:

Three new factors have appeared in the moral life of man and are acquiring an unprecedented significance. Ethics must take account of three new objects … Continue reading

Creation vs. Control

Creation vs Control

by American Kabuki   January 10, 2015

It seems that life itself thrives on the knife edge of chaos, which is not randomness at all but structures of very complex energies and influences. Life thrives where choice and love thrives. We have a rich universe of life because of choice and a certain letting go of control by Source – yet Source is within each being as it makes its choices and we’ve seen in recent years Source exerting direct control through [the] embodiments [of] free will choices to bring the experiment in separation to a closure.

Kevin Kelly in his book out of control lists the ability to let go of control, as one of the defining characteristics of a God, because in doing so the truly unexpected creation happens.  So do some events that we may not like at an individual level.  And that experience generates in … Continue reading

Introducing “Holacracy”

holacracyNew organizational buzzword for 2015 – Holacracy.

It comes with a catch tagline:

“Zappos just abolished bosses”

Given the growing decrepitude of traditional hierarchical organizational models, the inability to communicate effectively across the intransigent silos, bloated bureaucracies, and the knee-jerk defensive responses like “that’s not how we do things here”, “if we didn’t build it, it’s worthless” … that are so toxic to innovation, it is not surprising that more radical approaches are now the vogue.

In one regard, it’s the technology that’s forcing enabling this.  Social technologies, super-computing grid infrastructures, cloud services, platforms and ecosystems all lend themselves to anomaly responses which call for immediate access to *that* person who knows how to address *that* problem, not tiered escalation paths designed to funnel and optimize problem resolution for 1000s of *that* problems that used to … Continue reading

Dancing with the Hologram

You have to admit, even if all of this is a construct for some seemingly unknown purpose, this is an incredible world we’re inhabiting. This spontaneous creative Force we’re engulfed in and intrinsically interwoven into is absolutely spectacular despite all the obstacles we encounter.

That there’s an invasive parasitic force at work trying to gum up the works and usurp this magnificent design and claim whatever weirdness it simulates as some sort of alternative reality is absolutely ludicrous, yet this is the contest humanity and our planetary existence finds itself in.

What is wonderful and should be the center of our focus and attention is the magnificent power of true Creation and its stunning beauty, intricacy and unlimited potential. We’re only just discovering its wonders, but as we do Creation itself becomes more manifest in new and amazing ways as we respond in conscious awareness and resultant responsive actions.

This so dwarfs the puny efforts of these measly low density … Continue reading

Capitalism? Or Your Tax Dollars at Work?

Almost two centuries ago, a Russian intellectual from a wealthy family travelled to Western Europe to study philosophy and the Arts. This really wasn’t novel or unusual; at that time most Russians of a certain class had the opportunity at some point in their lives to visit, live, travel in Europe, the Middle East, or Asia and a good number used this time studying and listening to lectures from “the Masters” (Kant, Hegel, Comte…)

So Ivan Kireevsky was in good company as he travelled through Germany and France, attending courses at the great universities along the way, resting and recharging with a multitude of his fellow countrymen at their country houses, in taverns, at clerical retreats.

Yet, despite the seemingly idyllic, luxurious surroundings of this interlude, Kireevsky returned to Russia shocked and appalled. For in the West he had encountered the Industrial Revolution at its heyday…and he was horrified. Slums, refuse in … Continue reading



by Sophia Love     2/4/2015


What’s stewing and brewing in this head lately is this:


A. The being called “god” has no greater power than I.


B. I am the Master of my life, responsible for all of it.


C. What is the difference between a being who imagines itself to be god and a being who imagines itself to be human?

I think that answer may be found in belief, aka knowing.

Although I stopped kneeling to any god as soon as I left my family of origin, I operate at times with hesitancy; struggling and searching for that one thing/person/moment/institution/situation with only my best interests at heart, that/who is capable of caring for them (my best interests) and making it all better.  This is what humans do.

If I were a god being I would simply get it done (my best interests).  I … Continue reading

*I AM* as explained in the Russian Spiritual Philosophical Tradition — Godmanhood

0_1030In the Russian circumstance, they drew their understanding largely from Socratic and Platonic idealism and from the early Christian Gnostics.  These ideas embody a dualist vision of life and a natural (not-man-made) hierarchy:

Matter manifests out of free creative expression (Logos); it is a shadow or abstraction of the spiritual Ideal.

Spirit is apriori; it exists before, after, and eternally in continuum with more ephemeral physical expressions such as matter.1    “…It is neither perceived nor is it perceptible.”

Viewing Christ to be a teacher, an example, and not some separate God to put on a pedestal, the Spiritual Philosophers thought that Godmanhood was possible for all human beings.

What the heck?  Are they saying that “human beings” are “Gods”? 


Jesus Christ is quoted as stating: “I am in the Father and the Father is in … Continue reading