As we’ve been co-creating this website to host my writings and books, to give readers an introduction to my ideas and ways of thinking, it became clear that there were two predominant themes I wanted to comment on with any regularity:

  1. Spiritual Philosophy … all the wellspring of ideas, inspiration, and beliefs about what it means to be human and take these incredible voyages we’ve embarked upon in life.  Connections.  What are the similarities between what the Russian spiritual philosophers who’ve taken center stage in all my works, to date, wrote and ideas posited by other great thinkers.  Most predominantly, I studied their links with French Personalism.  Yet we can just as easily find these themes apparent in American philosophies, both around the Revolutionary days of the founding fathers and Populist, progressive ideas of thinkers like Emerson, James, Alcott…  We can find origins of them back in Ancient Greece, especially Platonic idealism and the writings of Socrates… In the Gnostics and early Christian theologians … St. Bernard de Clairvaux, St. Augustine, St. Thomas d’Aquinas… In the Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism … the incredibly rich and extensive Eastern systems of belief and spirituality.  What’s most fascinating for me, however, is how much these ideas resonate with the writings and beliefs surround Unity Consciousness today!
  2. Geo-Political Interpretations

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