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Catherine Baird 002Catherine Baird

RFW cover with Mont award“Revolution from Within” (BookLogix)


Describe the book in your own words?

It’s the story of 160 Russian intellectuals who, against incredible odds in the backdrop of the World Wars and Russian Revolutions, managed to keep alive their country’s native ideas and beliefs for over three generations … Until, at last, their writings were returned to that land via the same internal cataclysm which brought about the fall of Communism and the USSR.

What’s the most rewarding part of being a writer today?

Meeting family members and friends who actually lived through these events, hearing their remembrances. Discussing the relevance of these ideas to challenges we’re experiencing in the United States today.

Beyond writing what’s your other great hidden talent?

I’m a light-worker who brings transparency to all energetics I attract into my experiences.

What was the most difficult aspect of writing these stories?

I struggle with beginnings. How best to help the reader enter the water without throwing them into the deep end of all the details and then given them lifesaver rings periodically along the way to reorient themselves.

What’s the most fun part of being a writer?

Getting engagement and feedback from people who read my work. There is no greater thrill nor learning experience for me than enjoying discussions about what I meant with this or that and learning better ways to view a topic or express an idea.

Who is your ideal reader for Revolution from Within?

Anyone who’s prepared to take the time to think through the stories I’m relating and reflect upon what insights these human experiences may have for them.

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