Deciphering Paul and Margaret Anderson’s Wedding Plate



After publishing Revolution from Within, I was thrilled to be introduced to remaining family members of one of our heroes in the story, Paul Anderson.  You can read about this fortuitous meeting in my post Synchronicity!


The family have shared many beautiful memories with me and, in many ways, done what my extensive reading and study of the historical archives could not … namely brought so many of these people to life in all the complex and wonderful multidimensionality of what it means to be human!  I am so blessed.


Deciphering The Wedding Plate Signatories

Along the way, they asked if I could help decipher who the signatories were on a wedding plate their parents received from Russians at the YMCA press and the Russian Students Christian Movement.  It’s astounding!  I’ve done my best and … Continue reading

Musings – A Spiritual Blog

Connections between Russian spiritual philosophy … French personalism … and Unity Consciousness!


P2CfaviconIt is amazing to see the Russian people reclaim the ideas, beliefs and worldviews elaborated by The 160 so many years ago.   Through perestroika, glasnost’, and vozvrashchenie (Return) official government change through the auspices of Mikhail Gorbachev, Alexander Yakovlev and their fellow co-conspirators inside the Communist Party combined with Dissidents’ grassroots call for transparency, free expression, and limited government — the end of State Capitalism and Totalitarian Dictatorship — has freed the “faceless collective” and shattered the concrete walls of outright oppression.

This doesn’t mean that today, all Russians, simply rush out to procure and read the vast legacy that The 160 and their predecessors created.  It simply means that they can do so!  And that makes all the difference.

When we hear Russia’s leaders or public personalities quote or reference … Continue reading

A New Take on FCC!


As we transmute the 3-letter organizations who no longer serve us, we the people, globally… let’s take FCC.  Instead of Federal Communication Commission (which does not seem to serve the people’s interests and can’t seem to manage much) – how about this simple affirmation:


I was first introduced to this affirmation by the Russian spiritual and personalist philosopher, Nikolai Berdyaev. In his book, The Destiny of Man, Berdyaev analyzed the changing mood he saw affecting humanity during the interwar years between World War I and World War II… this was written in the midst of our last Great economic Depression:

Three new factors have appeared in the moral life of man and are acquiring an unprecedented significance. Ethics must take account of three new objects of human striving. Continue reading

Creation vs. Control

Creation vs Control

by American Kabuki   January 10, 2015

It seems that life itself thrives on the knife edge of chaos, which is not randomness at all but structures of very complex energies and influences. Life thrives where choice and love thrives. We have a rich universe of life because of choice and a certain letting go of control by Source – yet Source is within each being as it makes its choices and we’ve seen in recent years Source exerting direct control through [the] embodiments [of] free will choices to bring the experiment in separation to a closure.

Kevin Kelly in his book out of control lists the ability to let go of control, as one of the defining characteristics of a God, because in doing so the truly unexpected creation happens.  So do some events that we may not like at an individual level.  And that experience … Continue reading

Dostoyevsky’s Discovery

The Meaning of Life Discovered in a Dream – Dostoyevsky’s Discovery by Aaron L Meileiac Friday, June 12, 2015

“And it is so simple… You will instantly find how to live.”

One November night in the 1870s, legendary Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky (November 11, 1821–February 9, 1881) discovered the meaning of life in a dream — or, at least, the protagonist in his final short story did. The piece, which first appeared in the altogether revelatory A Writer’s Diary (public library) under the title “The Dream of a Queer Fellow” and was later published separately as The Dream of a Ridiculous Man, explores themes similar to those in Dostoyevsky’s 1864 novel Notes from the Underground, considered the first true existential novel. True to Stephen King’s assertion that “good fiction is the truth inside the lie,” the story sheds light on Dostoyevsky’s personal spiritual and philosophical bents with extraordinary clarity … Continue reading

East Meets West — Introduction

In the interests of promoting Unity Consciousness, I had the brain-flash that presenting Western mainstream media postings side-by-side alternative and Eastern viewpoints might be revealing for all of us as we grapple with this current fascination in duality consciousness.

Duality = either / or.  Polarity = two sides of a continuum, both valid or… = both / and  I leave it to you, the reader, to discern how you want to perceive this information.  Unity = recognition that we don’t know what we don’t know and until I become you and walk a mile in your shoes, I probably don’t understand = absent limits; absent judgment!

Birth of Revolution in Rural Canada

After 10 years in “exile” as Foreign Minister to Canada, Alexander Yakovlev and Mikhail Gorbachev get this unique opportunity to speak to each other, at length, privately…

Look what comes from this still-point moment!

Whelan Farm2

Excerpt from Revolution from Within:

In assigning Yakovlev as Ambassador to Canada, the Soviet Union placed him in a country that was leading the world in the acceptance of multiculturalism and in the throes of its own socialist evolution. The “cultural mosaic” and the “global village” were prominent ideas espoused by Canadian philosophers and politicians at that time.

Canada was also one of the foremost homes of French Personalist thinkers influenced by the ideas and writings of Emmanuel Mounier and Jacques Maritain. Etienne Gilson was a leading political thinker, academic, and self-proclaimed disciple of Jacques Maritain. He founded a society to further … Continue reading

Putin’s Philosophy

This Re-Post Should help explain why the Ex-NATO Commander thinks he’s finding more enlightenment about what’s going on inside the minds of the current Russian leadership from classic Russian literature than from Sovietology…

Putin’s Philosophy

The Russian leader’s paradoxical, strong-state “liberal-conservatism”

By Paul RobinsonMarch 28, 2012

Imagine that you were to pick up a textbook on American history and find no mention of Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, or Thomas Jefferson. This is pretty much the situation for anyone in the West trying to understand modern Russia. The standard textbooks have almost nothing to say about the conservative ideas currently dominating the political scene. The Soviet Union vigorously suppressed the key thinkers of the right for most of the last century, of course, but even now that it is no longer … Continue reading

Tolstoy holds key to Putin

Re-Post: Novel Idea: Ex-NATO Commander Claims ‘War & Peace’ Enough ‘to Defeat Russia’

June 6, 2015

Westerners have turned to Russian literature to understand Russia and its foreign policy, as well as to figure out the Kremlin’s future plans.

Americans have finally figured out how to understand the Russian mind and even predict the future political actions of Vladimir Putin. The secret lies in Russian literature.

Репродукция картины К.А. Васильева Ф.М. Достоевский © Sputnik/ Igor Boyko Dostoevsky Popular in West as His Works Tackle Philosophical Issues: Expert

Forget about the works of Zbigniew Brzezinski, Stephen Cohen or other scholars who specialize in Russian studies. You won’t learn anything important from them, instead pick up a copy of Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” or Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” if you want to know how to defeat Russia, said James Stavridis, a former US admiral and commander of NATO in Europe.Stavridis, in all seriousness, argued that to understand “the Russian soul,” one needs to be well-versed in Russian novels … Continue reading