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America's Perestroika?

As we celebrate Independence Day is it time to review the Declaration of Independence and renew our convictions?

A New Take on FCC!

As we transmute the 3-letter organizations who no longer serve us, we the people, globally, let's turn FCC into this simple affirmation: FREEDOM * CREATIVITY * COMPASSION


Listen to the author, Catherine Baird, explore the background behind Revolution from Within and how these ideas of freedom, creativity and compassion are just as relevant for Western society today as they were for a Russia terrorized by Bolshevik tyranny


Learn more about why Lenin ruthlessly exiled 160 intellectuals in 1922. The plots, controversial ideas, the untold history of the first dissidents to Bolshevism. How Revolution from Within started from the very beginning of the USSR until, finally, in the 1980s it burst through the concrete walls of communism's faceless collective. Discover the unexpected, but vital role played by the YMCA. Learn more about "Revolution from Within" through excerpts, memes and references.


Who were "The 160"? Meet the diverse personalities that some now say are the thought leaders inspiring Russian politics and philosophy today. A legacy comparable to that of America's founding fathers: Patrick Henry, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson... Who were the French Personalists and why did they find the ideas of these exiled Russians to have such synergy in their efforts to define a 3rd way, neither left nor right, beyond either communism or capitalism? And who were these unexpected YMCA sponsors?


"My first thought when describing this wonderful book was that it surprised me. ...Catherine Baird succeeded to surprise me with some interesting facts that I was not aware of, specifically the YMCA’s role in the Russian revolution and the fate of the Russian philosophers on the “Philosophers’ Ship”.... Another thought that came to me after reading this book, is that perhaps a person who was not directly involved in Russian (Soviet) life, is exactly the person to provide a fresh look from a new side that may expose things that were not seen by people from the former Soviet Union.


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Embark upon a voyage with The 160 to explore the psyche of a nation at one of the greatest turning points in history! Follow the unexpected twists and turns of these dauntless personalities ... founding fathers of Perestroika, Glasnost' and a world after Communism (State-Crony Capitalism) ... to gain a glimpse of the formidable ideas that have helped shape a culture both inside and outside of Russia today promoting human rights, federalism, unity consciousness, free markets and local sovereignty.
Freedom, Creativity and Compassion sit at the heart of this book as the author ties the events from over a century ago back to parallels occurring today.

This is a story of how 160 completely unique activists, philosophers, and politicians kept alive the key tenets of a natively Russian worldview and, with the help of a most unlikely sponsor - the American YMCA - preserved their culture and beliefs for more than three generations until finally they could at last find acceptance once more.